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WEATHERTRACK 1.6.8 - Update December 9th 2014

We have upgraded the meteogram and added new features. MeteoPlus is available as in-app purchase.

MeteoPlus, see at a glance in the meteogram:

  • Day/night hours
  • Times for sunrise/set
  • Moon rise/set
  • Moon phases
  • The current time which is clearly marked
  • The current time is automatically scrolled into view upon opening the meteogram
    • New:
    • Allow the individual layers of the meteogram to be turned on or off.
    • Enable the use of GlobalStar SatFi for the GRIB Robot mail function.

    • The selected departure time for a GRIB file is now remembered with a route attached.
    • When sharing a GRIB file with an attached route, both files are shared.
    • Implement the D°M’S.s” coordinate format in the lat/lon picker as well.
    • The downloading of the hires offline map has been moved to the in-app store as a free product, there you can see how much of the map has been downloaded and also to stop the download while it is in progress.
    • Display the nearest storm bearing and distance in the extended local forecast.
    • When selecting a day in the extended local forecast and then selecting the hourly tab, the hourly list will be scrolled to bring the day in view.
    • Display a summary line for the extended local forecast.

    • On displaying GRIB files with a route, make sure the vessel position is shown immediately.
    • Fix crash on editing a waypoint lat/lon position on 64 bit devices.


    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.6.7 - Update October 2nd 2014

    Many users have requested longer subscription periods for the GRIB robot.

    • GRIB Robot subscription intervals for 3 and 6 months.
    • Support the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screen resolution.

    • Fix issue with offline map drawing in iPad landscape mode on iOS 8.
    • Fix for date or lat/lon picker not appearing on iPhone on iOS 8.


    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.6.6 - Update September 29th 2014

    • WeatherTrack can now open compressed .gpx files.

    • Remove the parameter check in GRIB parameters that interfered with areas crossing the date line.
    • Do not display superfluous empty lines in the extended local forecast warning section.
    • Fix problem with “Open in WeatherTrack” not working after the second open of the same file.
    • Fix some app hangs while creating new waypoints.
    • Open in… did not work with iOS 8.
    • Fix error 404 occuring in non-extended local point forecasts.
    • Fix that pressure was cut off in non-extended local point forecasts.
    • Enable the use of the current location for iOS 8.


    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.6.5 - Update July 7th 2014

    • Make sure the tab bar at the bottom of the screen is shown when the app was last stopped in the preferences screen.
    • iOS 6.x compatibility fixes.
    • More changes to add better error messages for Tidetech server errors.
    • Make CURRENT the default selected layer for the very first Tidetech download in a fresh install.


    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.6.4 - Update June 27th 2014

    • WeatherTrack is official sponsor in the Great Pacific race for Elsa Hammond
    • New very detailed charts in fine tuned colors of the layers:wind, gusts (1 and 2.5 kn steps)
    • - CAPE (ranges now from 100 to 6500 j/kg)
    • - current (0.1 kn, 0.5 kn 1 kn steps)
    • - air temperature (2°C steps, 3-4°F)

    • Menu for “open in..” and sharing is consolidated into one menu item.
    • Better error messages for some TideTech server errors.
    • Better error messages for manually entered GRIB file bounding box coordinates.
    • 64 bit enabled for A7 CPUs (iPhone 5s and iPad Air).

    • Help menu did not show on iPhone after the alert box offered to help.
    • Animation video generation is more reliable now on iPhone (not on iPad).


    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.6.3 - Update June 4th 2014

    Many users have requested more ocean data.

    • Added OSCAR ocean current.
    • Added NDFD for wind and waves (experimental).

    • Built-in help menu has been updated.

    • The precipitation bar graph displayed in the meteogram was out of sync with the other layers if for example RTOFS was used together with GFS.
    • Some GRIB files with nonsense data could take very long to display, making it look as if WeatherTrack has stopped working.


    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.6.2 - Update May 10th 2014

    • The reference date of GRIB records is now displayed in the lower right corner, this can be turned off in "GRIB Options" in WeatherTrack settings. This helps avoiding to use old data. (user's request)
    • FNMOC replaced the central America wave model CENTAM with EQAM. The new model has a grid of 0.15°x0.15° and an interval of 3 hours for up to two days. The data layers available are the same as with CENTAM. FNMOC-CENTAM is not available any longer, use FNMOC-EQAM instead.

    • The Meteogram time axis labeling does now obey the iOS regional setting and copes better with time zones that are not on an integral hour offset from UTC. For instance time zones like Caracas or Teheran. (user's request)
      Improved in Route Weather:
    • Very short route meteograms are now stretched to at least fill the screen width. This improves readability.
    • Route meteogram: For short trips only, when multiple waypoints were reached in one GRIB time interval, only the last waypoint was shown. Now all reached waypoints are displayed.
    • Route weather: Make sure automatically given waypoint names in the route editor are unique.

    • While adding GRIB files the buttons to switch between online/offline map and tracking the GPS did not work under iOS 5.x. As opposed to the offline map, the online map of iOS 5 can not wrap around the date line, this made requesting GRIB files for this area very difficult.


    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.6.1 - Update April 04th 2014

    • All bubbles now use the iOS 7 look and feel
    • Tapping on a location in the satellite view displays the nearest city, not the largest city nearby.

    • The estimated GRIB download size now also appears on the online map.
    • The GPS bubble for the offline map also appeared on the online map.
    • The route editor now keeps better track of the enclosing rectangle while modifying a route.
    • Added workaround for GFS+WW3 forecast days being cut off after max 5 days (the WW3 maximum forecast days) by saildocs.

    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.6.0 - Update February 20th 2014

    Many users have requested a more detailed online map next to the offline chart. On the occasion of WeatherTrack's anniversary of three successful years we would like to thank our users for choosing WeatherTrack and staying with us. With this update you get this new feature: the requested online map including hybride, satellite and standard view.

    • For selecting the area of interest you can choose between the existing offline or the new online map including hybride, satellite and standard view.
    • New weather data from the Turkish Meteorological Service are available in the Weather Online section.
    • The color schemes for the GRIB display can be modified using a configuration file. Details can be found on the [WeatherTrack web site](xlink:

    • Tapping on the bubble in the satellite view uses now the current GPS coordinate.
    • Tapping on a location in the satellite view displays the nearest city, not the largest city nearby.

    • The watermarked date/time in the animation is now the same local timezone as the button in the GRIB display.
    • Layout. Some views (for example Weather Online) had content under the status bar.
    • Stability under low memory situations under iOS 5 has been improved.


    Thank you for letting us know what features you'd like to see. We'll do our best to include them in future updates!

    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.9 - Update January 20th 2014

    • Hints can be disabled

    • Tapping on the blue GPS dot while viewing a GRIB file now always positions the bubble on the current GPS position.

      New in Route Weather:
    • A Route can be reversed without editing it
    • A departure waypoint can be specified
    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.8 - Update January 6th 2014


    • Local forecast did not work under iOS 5.1.
    • Icon was missing in HTML Help.
    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.7 - Update December 17th 2013


    • Twitter and Facebook integration were missing.

    Fix for the new advanced local forecast:

    • The wind icon was missing.
    • The fog icon was for day time only.
    • Sunset/rise was displayed for polar regions with midnight sun.
    • Rain icons did not differentiate light/medium/heavy rain.
    • Min/max temperatures were not rounded consistently.
    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.6 - Update December 06th 2013

    +++ Advanced Local Forecast (per user's request) (in-app purchase)

    This option offers a new design:

    - now/hourly/daily Forecasts

    All include new data:

    • Hi/lo Temperature
    • Hi/lo Feels Like
    • Dew point
    • Precipitation
    • - Precipitation Probability
    • - Precipitation Accumulated
    • Ozone
    • Warning (North America only)
    • more:

    • For all city or airport searches nearby distance is displayed. (per user's request)

    • A GRIB download was cancelled by tapping anywhere on the screen.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.5 - Update November 20th 2013


      +++ GRIB Robot (in-app purchase) Useful for Satellite Phone or SSB users, especially when offshore.

      Most apps can only handle one file at a time per email request when using satellite communication. WeatherTrack's new feature GRIB Robot can handle multiple requests which are merged into one single file. This is unique on the entire iOS market.

      Instead of downloading the forecasts directly WeatherTrack sends all forecast requests via email to the GRIB robot (using for example a sat phone). The GRIB robot collects the multiple GRIB requests and merges all data which are sent to the user as email attachment. The file can be opened as usual in WeatherTrack and displayed as one convenient file only.

      Get all the weather data you need for a successful crossing.

      WeatherTrack understands the leading satellite-email programs in iOS. (compatible with xgate 2.0 )

      view more

      • Weather Online has been adopted as well to the iOS 7 look and feel style.

      • Animation was missing the data/time since the last update.
      • Home button was invisible in Weather Online and GRIB Catalog.
      • Fixed drawing problems upon refreshing GRIB.
      • Bubble in GRIB data display was not drawn properly on iPads with iOS7.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.4 - Update October 30th 2013

    • + iOS7 Look and Feel Style

    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.3 - Update October 5th 2013

    • iOS 7 compatibilty

    • Thickness bubble had strange characters after the value.
    • Fixed issue when selecting layers for a tidetech file.
    • Better error reporting for empty GRIB files.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.2 - Update August 7th 2013
    Worldwide Tide and Ocean Current
    WeatherTrack integrates Tidetech data (video)

    Advanced weather app WeatherTrack has integrated Tidetech's global high-resolution tide and current data to create one of the most complete mobile weather apps for sailors and marine enthusiasts.

    WeatherTrack offers two options to display current. Either as primary weather model (just currents) or merged into another weather model like GFS, COAMPS or NAVGEM.

    • Now as in-app purchase: Get high resolution Tidetech tide & ocean current data worldwide. Available as auto-renewable subscription. No Log-In required. No need for an account at
    • Free for 1 week in the 1 month subscription.

      For pilots and meteorologists apart from dew point now available:
    • Temperature and geopotential height at 700mb, 850mb and 1000mb in NAVGEM (user's request)
    • Thickness 500/1000mb in NAVGEM (user's request)
    • Relative Humidity at 700mb and 850mb in NAVGEM (user's request)

    • User interface improved. Show hints about how to add GRIB files and how to change GRIB download parameters (this removes the "Add GRIB on start option").
    • Save the last selected route for a GRIB file. (user's request)
    • Tidetech hi res current files are properly subset for time intervals in minutes.
    • On merging Tidetech currents with other weather models like GFS, COAMPS or NAVGEM synchronize the time steps better.

    • Pressure layer in NAVGEM now pressure reduced to sea level.
    • Empty GRIB Files from a malfunctioning server are better handled.
    • In some cases the meteogram Y axis was mislabeled.
    • Fix problem that could happen on refreshing GRIB files downloaded from an older WeatherTrack version.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.1 - Update June 10th 2013
    • Added the NAVGEM forecast model, the successor to the NOGAPS model (per user's request).

    • Current and waves from other models can be added to the GFS, COAMPS, NAVGEM models. Previously only waves could be added to GFS.

    • Partnership with Tidetech. Tidetech subscribers can download worldwide tidal and ocean currents directly in any WeatherTrack weather model.

    • User interface. The settings are arranged more clearly. Added GRIB options.

    • Some units in the GRIB map key were labeled wrong.
    • Download of METNO HIRLAM gribs does work without using Safari again via the catalog.

      For GLOBAL-LOCAL Feature:

    • Local forecast is arranged in sections of days.

    • The sharing button for a local forecast does work again.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.5.0 - Update May 1st 2013

    • Added Wind as layer for all NWW3 based models (users request)
    • Added weather model FNMOC-CENTAM for the regional FNMOC Central America Model

    • Dropbox can be used directly in the Share... menu (users request)
    • Youtube can be used directly in the Share... menu for animations
    • In the GRIB Parameters the option "Track Weather" was renamed to "GRIB Optimization" to avoid confusion.

      For GLOBAL-LOCAL Feature:
    • World clock with analog and digital display that is displayed in the WeatherTrack bubble, can be turned on and off in settings (users request)

      For Route Weather:
    • In the waypoint view the values duration/fuel usage to the next waypoint did not update if the estimated speed or fuel consumption was changed.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.9 - Update March 25th 2013
    • ROUTE WEATHER in WeatherTrack (user's request)
    • (Route Weather at a glance, video)

    • Create your own route. Import via "open in" from other apps (e.g. Dropbox). Export via "open in" to other apps
    • Edit waypoints: name, lat/long, duration to next waypoint, (estimated) speed, fuel consumption
    • Share complete route file by email. Supports GPX KML KMZ files
    • In the route meteogram view all GRIB data at once, including information for each waypoint: distance, duration to next waypoint, bearing, fuel consumption.
    • WeatherTrack displays a Route Meteogram. Enter the estimated speed and select wind mode: true, relative, apparent.

    • Share Animation movies by email /open in apps with video support (user's request).
    • Share complete GRIB files by email and open in apps (e.g. Dropbox).

    • Zoom in - to 0.001 degrees (111 m /121 yd) for offline map (for very high resolution GRIB files). (user's request)
    • Use three decimal places for GRIB files with very high resolution in GRIB "info".

      User Interface:
    • Select multiple GRIB files to delete (edit mode).
    • Tap to rename the GRIB file (edit mode).
    • Retina resolution for icons. (user's request)
    • Wave model for GFS can be specified in the GRIB parameters before downloading.

      For GLOBAL-LOCAL Feature:
    • New icons for the forecasts, all in retina. (user's request)
    • Use "pull-to-refresh" to refresh forecasts.
    • Current conditions refresh automatically every hour.

    • Web authentication for some password protected web sites did not appear under iOS 6.
    • Can handle highly compressed GRIB files. No artifacts are displayed. (user's request)
    • Fix some issues on launch, changing preferences, screen rotation under iOS 6 while animating a GRIB file.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.8 - Update November 06th 2012
    • Dew point is provided (user's request)
    • Dew point and temperature spread is displayed in meteogram
    • Preview of forecast area in GRIB file listing
    • Button to switch easily between layers
    • Support for gzip compressed GRIB files (previously only bzip2 and zip archives were supported)
    • Support for iPhone 5 and iOS 6

    • Improved:

    • Map was distorted if using the fixed 50, 100, 200, 300 or 500 nautical mile zoom commands in landscape mode.

      For GLOBAL-LOCAL Feature:

    • Date of the cloud image displayed (bottom, right corner) (user's request)

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.7 - Update September 21st 2012
    • Hourly forecast in high 0.25 degree resolution for Waves in the North Atlantic and North Pacific (seasonal).
    • Fixed:
    • Map was distorted if using the fixed 50, 100, 200, 300 or 500 nautical mile zoom commands in landscape mode.

      For GLOBAL-LOCAL Feature:

    • Share GLOBAL-LOCAL weather forecasts via email, Twitter, Facebook etc.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.6 - Update July 24th 2012
    • Share WeatherTrack via email, Twitter, Facebook etc.
    • Print WeatherTrack
    • Option to display wind speed in Beaufort.
    • Coordinate display format is adjustable.
    • Option to turn off the animation loop.
    • Implement local time as local time at destination for GRIB display (center of map) and meteogram.

    • Improved:
    • Button makes date popover box in GRIB viewer clearly visible (user's request)
    • Meteogram display accelerates on moving
    • Weather Online and News refresh as soon as network connectivity is back (user's request)
    • Cloud cover is displayed in gray shades instead of blue shades (user's request)
    • Palette for air temperature provides more colors in finer gradation (iPad only) (user's request)

    • Fix:
    • In the hourly high resolution forecast (North Atlantic and North Pacific 0.25°) wave period did not display direction arrows
    • Date popover box in GRIB viewer did not work in iOS 6
    • "Global-Local": Upon launch current location indicated was off from GPS position. Now: On initial launch not the biggest but the nearest town/city is being searched and displayed.
    • WAM85 can display wave period as well (when enabled by the data provider)
    • Display of wind barbs in meteogram when wind unit was other than knots.
    • Memory leaks for retina displays.
    • Fix for opening attachments. (Sometimes you needed to tap twice, now it opens immediately.)

    • For GLOBAL-LOCAL Feature:
    • Global-Local view can now be zoomed by factor 4.

    • Improved:
    • Bubbles stay at the same size on zooming of the view.
    • Display of the bubbles

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.5 - Update May 4th 2012
    • Whitecap probability for waves is displayed in colors (for FNMOC-WW3 and FNMOC-Med)
    • "Switch" to reset all settings to factory settings
    • Airport search:
      Find any airport worldwide by ICAO, IATA code or name, or nearby, referring to a 1 degree circle around your current position.
    • Customize setting for cloud intensity.

    • Improved:
    • Meteogram scrolls automatically to that layer from where it has been opened.
    • Current weather includes the same weather information than the local forecast. (as requested by users)
    • "Global-Local": Upon launch current location indicated was off from GPS position. Now: On initial launch not the biggest but the nearest town/city is being searched and displayed.

    • Fixed:
    • City search now enabled for names starting with accents.
    • MaxSEA Chopper and ZYGRIB GRIB files are displayed correctly (file was empty)
    • Slider for animation restored (overlapping play button on iPhone 4/4S)

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.4 - Update April 2nd 2012
    • High resolution map, works OFFLINE (optional download of 80MB)
    • "Global-Local" weather forecast is displayed in local time at destination if local time is configured in settings
    • Option for Day/Night shading
    • Use of retina display resolution for animations

    • Improved:
    • "Global-Local": Accuracy of current condition data
    • Easier: case/accents in city search is ignored
    • Faster: loading of the local forecasts with many bubbles open
    • Display the new bubble into view properly if the Global-Local screen is zoomed in and a new bubble is placed via city search
    • Save the calculated Global-Local image in the background to avoid blocking the User Interface for too long
    • Weather icons to make trends more clearly
    • Display of forecast text

    • Fixed:
    • Can handle empty GRIB files
    • Automatic refresh of forecasts or clouds upon gaining network connectivity
    • Bug fixes

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.3 - Update February 24th 2012
    • City search:
      Find a specific location by entering the city/town name. Any city/town worldwide with a minimum of 1000 inhabitants can be searched directly in both Global-Local and in GRIB functions.

    • New:
    • Save last Global-Local image automatically.

    • User interface improvement:
    • Error display when certain GRIB data cannot be downloaded.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.2 - Update February 7th 2012
    • Magnifier. In case, you've forgotten your reading glasses, the new magnifier function helps you. Just keep your finger a second on the screen until a magnifying circle pops up. The magnifier displays a crosshair and makes it easier to exactly place the information bubble. When you release the screen, the bubble pops up. This new magnifier feature is available for both, Global-Local and the GRIB viewing functions.

    • New:
    • Customer configuration for Global-Local. The transparency of the bubble, the pointing arrow as well as the cloud shading are configurable.

    • User interface improvement:
    • Moved the online weather information from "add GRIB file" to it's own section "Weather Online". The menu entries in "add GRIB file via catalog" now only lists web sites offering GRIB files for download.
    • Added a refresh and home button for adding GRIB files via catalog and the Weather Online section.
    • Revised some navigation bars to look better on iPad.

    WEATHERTRACK 1.4.1 - Update January 17th 2012
    The same changes as announced in version 1.4. with all features enabled.
    WEATHERTRACK 1.4 - Update January 13th 2012
    WEATHERTRACK, the Swiss Army Knife for Weather Enthusiasts

    WeatherTrack's User's rating:

    "Winner of the Year!"
    "Simply the best!"
    "very accurate!"

    This new version 1.4 includes amazing ideas realized in new features and many improvements to enhance the user experience. This release offers: Especially one fabulous new feature:

    GLOBAL-LOCAL – a stunning eye-catcher:
    A fascinating look from space shows our planet Earth with worldwide clouds. Explore WEATHERTRACK’s spectacular meteorological snapshot to observe what kind of weather conditions could develop. This stunning eye-catcher is paired with an automatic update of local weather worldwide. (Important! In order to avoid mobile data fees, the loading of the clouds is turned off by default, unless the device is connected via wifi. If you want to use this function despite incurring mobile data fees, it must be activated in the settings.)

    Besides version 1.4 uses additional weather forecast models. This enables WEATHERTRACK for example to display waves for the Mediterranean Sea, the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea.

    This is what has changed in detail:
    • Waves in the Mediterranean Sea and Black Sea can be displayed with a resolution of even 3 Miles (0.05 degrees) and
    • Waves in the Baltic Sea with a resolution of 30 Miles (0.5 degrees).
    • (We offer now a new model to display the waves in the Mediterranean, with a high resolution of 0.05 degrees . It is available on a 0.05 grid (lat/lon) displaying a forecast every hour up to 4 days. The model is calculated three times a day (13UTC, 17UTC and 21 UTC). Available data layers include significant wave height and directions and swell height and direction.)

    • new feature: Global day-night weather image; cloud shading can be adjusted;
    • stunning launch page
    • new function: providing weather news
    • appearance changes
    • new: sunrise, sunset
    • new icons
    • new website

    • speed
    • zoom function
    • map functions
    • user interface
    • in-app guide

    • new features for displaying waves
    • File size warning, if the file is bigger than 400 kb (great for roaming control)
    • new weather models
    • bug fixes
    • runs on any IOS5.x, IOS4.x device
    WEATHERTRACK 1.3 - Update September 1st
    WEATHERTRACK, the Swiss Army Knife for Weather Enthusiasts

    Focus: Offline and online features
    Online: many new features available, including weather forecasts thru fax, satellite and radar.

    Improved map display
    • Optimize vector database thresholds so we display finer maps on iPad.
    • Optimize drawing on device rotate and
    • Keep aspect ratio of the map when rotating the device
    • New: rivers to the map display.
    • New: country names and country borders to the map display.
    • New: Display cities having a population of 1000 or more.

    Improved user interface
    • New: Add settings editing to the app itself, the same settings as in the system settings app are now changeable without leaving WEATHERTRACK.
    • New: Make sure that changing any settings is immediately reflected in the display.
    • New: Make the automatic popup of the chart to select an area for downoad an option in the settings.
    • New: Add downloading via web catalog.

    Improved graphics
    • List the file size in GRIB Info.
    • Two new color palette values for precipitation.
    • Temperature at 500mb did not use the isotherm distance from the settings.
    • Make sure the list of GRIB files is updated when iTunes is used to add or delete GRIB files via the file sharing function.
    • Improved GPS indication for iPad - right on the spot! GPS position is displayed more reliable.
    • Do not allow the directory seperator '/' in GRIB file names.
    • Make file name text fields larger in landscape orientation.
    New Organization of GRIB file refresh
    • Upon refreshing a GRIB file is extended automatically by date and time to make the file name unique.
    WEATHERTRACK 1.2 - Update June 2nd
    WEATHERTRACK, the Swiss Army Knife for Weather Enthusiasts has become

    "Exceptional", the "Best iOS-GRIB viewer", "Excellent" a "Great app - not only for sailors", "Professional", "Outstanding"
    - according to some of our international customer's reviews (please see also:

    New features are (for the GFS-model):
    • CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy), an indicator for potentially severe weather. This feature helps to anticipate convective weather for avoiding areas with atmospheric instability. The higher the energy, the higher the chance of severe weather conditions (thunderstorms, tornado etc.). (
    • Relative Humidity (%) - CAPE and Relative Humidity can be turned on in the GRIB parameters screen.
    • ZIP. The compressed GRIB files (web or email) can be opened directly in WEATHERTRACK (only the first GRIB file of an archive is used).
    • WEATHERTRACK is a GRIB-Viewer. GRIB (Gridded Binary) files are a standardized way to exchange forecast data in the form of computer files. As opposed to conventional weather apps, WEATHERTRACK provides interactive forecasts for any location in the world. The app delivers interactive weather maps on multiple data layers and turns your iPhone into a viewer for meteorological GRIB files.
    • WEATHERTRACK is a GRIB-Opener. You can choose to open GRIB file attachments from email messages in WEATHERTRACK. Or simply open GRIB files from arbitrary web pages in the iPhone web browser. This gives access to specialized weather forecasts, for example higher resolution data available from commercial subscription based services.
    Fix: Current arrow direction is fixed (was reversed since 1.1).
    WEATHERTRACK 1.1 - Update May 9th 2011
    New Design:WEATHERTRACK, the Swiss Army Knife for Weather Enthusiasts

    New Features have been added, many tools, such as

    - WEATHERTRACK bubble
    - Meteogram
    - Animation
    - Catalogue maker
    - help files as an in-app guide & videos (

    • Animation
      •  Full screen animation of the weather in the selected location. Any data layer can now be animated, the Menu button in the data layer display has a new button that cycles through all available forecast dates. Animation speed can be adjusted: replay fast/slow, individually or automatically. Animations are kept for 30 days by default, number of days are adjustable as well.

    • Meteogram.
      • As opposed to the static meteogram designs of our competitors, WEATHERTRACK's meteogram is dynamic and flexible. The screen scrolls horizontally if there are more forecast intervals than fit on the screen and vertically if there are more layers.The meteogram shows each data layer in the GRIB file as a diagram in one screen, the x-axis is the forecast time and the y-axis the layer's value.

    • Track Weather
      • Upon downloading a GRIB file you can now specify speed and course. The forecast moves along in the given direction with the estimated distance.

    • Catalogue maker
      • You can name a GRIB file before downloading in the GRIB parameters screen. Alternatively you can rename a file by editing the name that is displayed in the Info layer about the GRIB file. The name is remembered, and if you refresh the GRIB file later, the name will be used and a number will be added as a suffix to make it unique.

    Fix: fixed cumulative layers like ACPCP and NCPCP as seen in Sailing Weather Services and Norwegian Metoffice forecasts.
    WEATHERTRACK 1.0.2 - Update April 26th 2011
    Hot fix: correction of waves direction.
    WEATHERTRACK 1.0.1 - Update March 23rd 2011
    Many improvements regarding usability have been made:

    • Not only the menu, but also all help files are available now in 7 languages. The help language is configurable in Settings.
    • The map has been fine tuned, the display of the resolution is optimized according to the available display space, this produces a better map display on the iPad.
    • Following our customers suggestions many users want to download a new GRIB file upon starting the app. Thus the map for selecting the GRIB area to be downloaded is shown. Cancel goes back to the list of files.
    • Interpolation can be turned off in Settings, causing values to be plotted on GRIB grid points only. The background coloring is affected by this setting as well.
    • Zoom factors for 300 and 500 nautical miles are included.
    • Wind barbs point now to the low as per meteorological convention.
    • The help button in the data display screen has been changed into a menu, giving easier access to the actions that were only available as double and triple taps before. Additionally the GRIB file can be re-downloaded anew from this menu.
    • Current was only displayed in knots. Now the speed setting is respected as well.
    • The blue bubble for the current GPS position is displayed correctly now on rotating the device.
    • Refresh of COAMPS works in Europe or east Pacific.
    • Changes to the UTC/Local setting are now immediately recognized as well as the file suffix .grib in addition to .grb.
    • Norwegian Metoffice North Europe region is displayed correctly.


    WEATHERTRACK 1.0 - Launch February 7th 2011

    WEATHERTRACK features in detail for worldwide interactive weather:

    • Forecasts: Choose forecast interval/number of days: 
      • Worldwide Coverage
      • Any time interval, depending on the data provider
      • Forecasts up to 8 days, with different weather models up to 16 days
      • 3-hourly weather forecast for a total of 8 days up to 0.5 degrees on    land or sea
      • 6-hourly weather forecast for a total of 16 days up to 2.5 degrees on land or sea (except waves)
      • Data steps: any time interval; for GFS model 3hr, 6hr, 12hr;  (Global forecast system) 
      • (default) Data updated every 6 hours daily
      • Resolution: any, default: 0.5°, 1°, 2°, 2.5°
    • WEATHERTRACK downloads and displays:
      • Wind Speed/Direction (10 m above mean sea level)
      • Precipitation (rain, snow etc.)
      • Wave Height/Direction/Period
      • Current
      • Barometric Pressure
      • Air-/Sea Temperature
      • Temperature at 500 mb
      • Geopotential Height at 500 mb
      • Cloud Cover

    • Online or offline, offshore or in the mountains 
    • Use WEATHERTRACK as you go
    • Fully functional on iPad, iPhone and iPod! with no extra costs
    • Estimates file size, so you can control your roaming fees.
    • Turn on/off or customize the map display: longitude/latitude grid, city names, map legend
    • Select your favorite weather forecast model: GFS, COAMPS, NOGAPS, WW3 (waves, Atlantic only), RTOFS (Gulf stream)
    • Open GRIB file attachments from email messages in WEATHERTRACK
    • Open GRIB files from arbitrary web pages in the iPhone web browser.
    • Change units: switch between UTC/local time, Fahrenheit/Celsius, km/miles, ft/m
    • Enjoy WEATHERTRACK in HD resolution on your iPad.
    • Available in multiple languages

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